Shrimp with salad: 2 choices

To boil or sautee? One method is not better than the other- they are both delicious! These two methods work beautifully with a simple salad. In the winter, serve with baked or mashed potato. In the summer, serve with a side of seasonal fruit- cherries are a favorite. Select your shrimp carefully to get the best quality flavor. Fresh shrimp smell very little and frozen shrimp should look clean- without any accumulated ice. Many shrimp are farmed in Asia and then imported. Look for labels (or lack of) to identify the origins of your shrimp.

Boil Shrimp:

Ingredients- water, shrimp

Fill pot of water about 2 inches above shrimp. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and strain as soon as shrimp turn from translucent to white (they will start to float too). If desired- add ice to strainer to quickly cool the shrimp. Peel a pile and eat.

Note: Overcooked shrimp become tough. 

Lettuce-based Salad: romaine, iceburg, and leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, green onion, cucumber. Dress with marinated artichoke hearts, black pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Sautee Shrimp: 

Ingredients- shrimp, 2 Tablespoons butter, flour*, egg*, potato flakes*

Peel shrimp. Coat fully in flour, then egg, then potato flakes. Sautee in butter over moderate heat. (for best results- do small batches so shrimp don’t touch). Drain.

*This combination creates a crunch, but just flour will work as well. Experiment with flours or crumbs you like.

Note: To much seasoning will overpower the shrimp flavor! 

Mixed Green Salad: romaine, kale, sliced tomato, diced carrot. Dress with a slug of olive oil to soften kale and top with ground pepper.

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