Jumping Media

Watercolor has always been a favorite method for translating my ideas, but sometimes I crave a different process, feel stuck, or need some novel creative time. Blockprinting is an interesting puzzle and I relish the high contrast look.

Alpine Alaska Cotton L.E.S.A.

This new (almost finished) acrylic work was an entertaining challenge. I couldn’t find my bottom of medium anywhere and had forgotten how much I prefer painting with it.

I was enjoying the outcome, but the simple dark stem suggestions in the lower left are nagging at me and the close seed heads need more depth too. I’m still thinking about how to finish this one.

In the meantime, my tangents have me feeling inspired to work in some playful watercolors, but I’m not ready to compose, so I’m loosening up with stationary (something I haven’t done in ages) by painting an envelope/card.

At this point, I have ten envelope forms near completion (the card comes from the center) and I like them enough that I may put some out there (typically I copy them for my own correspondence).

It is such a brown winter here this year, colorful flowers are welcome and I’m feeling the cozy pottery pull too. So it may be back to still life bouquets and vases next! (Once I finish the cowl I’m knitting)

Lisa. #lesahandmade

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