Recycled Valentines Cards

(close up) Hearts Entwined: original card series

I’ve been shuffling a growing stack of reject paintings around. I accidentally picked up a couple pads of student grade watercolor paper awhile back and found it unacceptable for finished work, so now I mostly use it for warm ups and experiments. Recently I’ve been organizing and streamlining the studio while waiting for washes to dry. One night, I impulsively chopped a few paintings into greeting card size then added simple entwining vines, leaves, and a heart. Tangles of vines remind me of celtic knots, I’ve incorporated them in a few paintings in recent years, its a painter version of a puzzle of maintaining a form while twisting and overlapping. For this, I wanted to give balance between the two vines, while one might encircle the other, they aren’t strangling each other, they are supporting.

(close up) Hearts Entwined: original card series

Some of the old paintings were too dark to add to, so I experimented with some poppies (a new still life choice for me), cut them out, and added a stem.

It was refreshing to jump into a painting that already didn’t feel precious. It was salvage or the wastebasket and I enjoyed the process. After one long evening of painting, I had 14 original cards and I’m ready to tackle painting a vase of poppies.

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