Devil’s Club Oil

Infusing Devils Club into oil

First, I always review the excellent Youtube video of Tlingit elder Helen Watkins sharing her wisdom about appropriate harvesting and infusing. I follow all her suggestions and recipe. Always do research, before harvesting a new plant. This important plant has been used by peoples in nearby coastal regions for centuries and in this land is used by Tlingit peoples for a variety of uses. The Devil’s Club I used was harvested along the path to our house to reduce the probability of our young son encountering its spines.

Planning thoughts for Devil’s Club oil and uses:

-bug bite soothing salve, bug bite prevention salve, massage oil for sore muscles, salve for sore muscles.

I’m convinced straight Devils Club salve works the best for soothing mosquito bites if applied directly after. However, I’m hopeful that adding other oils that have been known to prevent bites, could be successful in a salve.

A simple search for bug unfriendly oils gave me a list to begin with: citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and tea tree.

A simple search for oils to sooth sore muscles suggested: peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus. Also, lavender comes up when searching for calming oils.

I think I’ll try four mixes: a strong heady anti bug mix with DC/eucalyptus/tea tree, a milder anti bug mix with lavender/lemon, a sore muscle rub with peppermint, and one with lavender.

Updates on the final mixes to come.

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