Making vs. Thinking and Scrolling

In January, I started a new organizational system. That led to tackling some business aspects of my art practice: updating my website, updating my CV, fussing with connecting social media accounts and email, looking for grant opportunities, teaching a few online classes, and generally thinking and researching about the administration side of my art business. There is still more to be done and much more to learn about this side of selling artwork. The system is all about setting weekly priorities from a big workflow of tasks.

So, I’m moving making to the top priority for the next 4 weeks. All this thinking about business goals has been a good reset, but I’m ready to put form and color on the page. I started new art journals and am spending daily time painting just to paint and see what comes. Already familiar themes are popping up: flowers, fish, landscapes, invented pottery. I’m keen to push on, play with color, shapes, and different subjects before developing a few ideas into paintings.

I’m excited to see what comes and share it with you soon!

Huckleberries in Bird Vase SOLD

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