Website Purpose

I’ve been thinking lately about why I need to keep this website up and running. I imagined making regular posts as an outlet for my creative work. This has not happened! I started using Instagram and find that to be a convenient way to share images, without writing. However, I DO want an online destination for folks to hold images and writing I’d like to build and share over time. At some point, I will be rejoining the workforce and I want to have a resource ready to explore.

My point: Time for an evolution and repurposing of this site. This spring, I’m embarking on 2 college classes to meet the education requirements to renew my teaching certification. So here it goes! New pages and lists and hopefully new images.

Managing Expectations

In college, I had a rabbit that laid on my sketches for drawing class- while I was trying to work on them.

Now, our son uses the same trick. He will happily play until the sketch pad comes out. He loves peekaboo! Knitting instead!

I got some knitting done… then the toddler found the project. This will take some finishing.

Shrimp with salad: 2 choices

To boil or sautee? One method is not better than the other- they are both delicious! These two methods work beautifully with a simple salad. In the winter, serve with baked or mashed potato. In the summer, serve with a side of seasonal fruit- cherries are a favorite. Select your shrimp carefully to get the best quality flavor. Fresh shrimp smell very little and frozen shrimp should look clean- without any accumulated ice. Many shrimp are farmed in Asia and then imported. Look for labels (or lack of) to identify the origins of your shrimp.

Boil Shrimp:

Ingredients- water, shrimp

Fill pot of water about 2 inches above shrimp. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and strain as soon as shrimp turn from translucent to white (they will start to float too). If desired- add ice to strainer to quickly cool the shrimp. Peel a pile and eat.

Note: Overcooked shrimp become tough. 

Lettuce-based Salad: romaine, iceburg, and leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, green onion, cucumber. Dress with marinated artichoke hearts, black pepper, and a sprinkle of parmesan.

Sautee Shrimp: 

Ingredients- shrimp, 2 Tablespoons butter, flour*, egg*, potato flakes*

Peel shrimp. Coat fully in flour, then egg, then potato flakes. Sautee in butter over moderate heat. (for best results- do small batches so shrimp don’t touch). Drain.

*This combination creates a crunch, but just flour will work as well. Experiment with flours or crumbs you like.

Note: To much seasoning will overpower the shrimp flavor! 

Mixed Green Salad: romaine, kale, sliced tomato, diced carrot. Dress with a slug of olive oil to soften kale and top with ground pepper.

Living Alaskan (my version)

Muskeg on Mitkof Island. Petersburg, AK

I grew up here, and I travel, but Alaska has given my heart roots. Our home is Southeast Alaska, both Juneau and Petersburg. The landscape that surrounds us is dominated by towering trees, ocean, islands, and snowy mountains- wait- did I mention rain? Lots of rain = lush forest. Early family adventures immersed in the landscape shaped me.

I have spent many summers guiding tours and a common question is, “What do people do for fun around here?” We make our own fun and it generally fits into two categories: adventures in the landscape and time with people.

Communities in southeast are points of civilization in the midst of the Tongass National Forest. Harvesting from the forests or ocean is a common pastime. In the ocean, you can catch 5 kinds of salmon, halibut, crab, rockfish, shrimp, flounder, trout, and more. The muskegs and forests grow a variety of edible berries including: cran, huckle, nagoon and cloudberries. We go hiking and occasionally rent the forest service cabins sprinkled through the region (because typically it is too wet to enjoy tent camping in the rainforest). Of course, usually you go on these adventures with someone… so you could say- it’s all about the people.

Pure socializing is mainly done in the late fall and winter, when the light has disappeared and people have long dark hours to fill. When the days start getting short potlucks are common. In fact, cooking and sharing special dishes (often with local ingredients or cultural relevance) is a highlight of the season. Food is better shared and one can only watch so many movies! In the summer, everyone is taking advantage of the light and temperature to work or play outdoors.


First blog post

I am a teacher and a maker. When I am teaching it takes the bulk of my time and my creativity is poured into the classroom. This summer marks a transition between my work with students to the work of raising our son and helping my husband. We hope to take advantage the time while he is young to do some traveling as a family.

I’ve decided to commit some moments to this website. My documentation of artwork has been woefully inadequate in recent years and I haven’t had a show of my own art in many. The purpose of this site is twofold:

1. a shareable platform populated with my work.

2. a lens to encourage maintaining, improving, and increasing skills I need to create and share my art.